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Speciality Decaf – A blend of two washed coffees from Ethiopia and Honduras. A sweet and juicy  coffee with a rich, chocolate body. Decaffeinated using the sparkling water method, this coffee retains all its original flavours without the caffeine hit!


Altitude - 1400 and 2000 masl

Preparation - Washed, Sparkling water decaf process

Location - Limu Kossa, Ethiopia. Gualme, Honduras
SCAA Cup Score - 83.75
Variety - Catui



Raspberry and watermelon with notes of chocolate brownie and biscuit. Creamy body



    freshly roasted speciality coffee

    best used within 6 months of roasting date


    We do not accept returns of coffee orders however if you are in anyway unhappy with your purchase please contact us via email at

    We will always do our best to put things right with you

  • Delivery info

    P+P costs are based on size of order (weight)

    240g order = £1.95 *

    240 - 2Kg = £3.50

    Free delivery for orders over £30**

    *sent via letter box friendly Royal Mail large letter packaging

    **Larger orders will be dispatched using our partner couriers

    For delivery outside of mainland UK please contact us before placing order.

    We roast weekly. Each order will be dispatched after our next roasting day to ensure it arrives as fresh as possible. 

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