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Costa Rica - Finca Las Lajas

Costa Rica - Finca Las Lajas

Third generation coffee farmers Oscar and Francisa Chacón produce the most excellent micro-lots from their 50 hectare plot, focusing their efforts on environmental conservation, providing stable employment for their workers, and keeping coffee culture alive in their family and community.

To produce a Perla Negra micro lot, a natural process where the red coffee beans are taken to a drying patio for dehydration. In this process, the beans are moved twice a day, making it a very slow drying process. The Perla Negra process takes around 22 to 30 days to complete.


Process: Anaerobic Natural

Alt: 1500 - 1700 MASL

Cup Score: 86.5

Varietal: Caturra/Catuai

Cup Profile: Pineapple and orange with white wine acidity, cacao

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